Slimming Menu

800-1200 kcal per day Being on a diet is never easy especially if you're only taking 1,200 calories everyday. Most people believe that to slim down they have to starve themselves. But, actually all you need is a proper diet and meal plan. Subscribe to our meal plan that is curated especially for slimming down  45.99$/week Order now MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayMonday 01. OptionA bowl of Sheet-Pan Chicken Fajita A nutritious meal of cooked chicken, roasted kale, black beans and bell peppers and a quarter cup of brown rice 42 g Protein 9.9 g Fat 23 g Carbohydrates 343 kcal Energy 02. OptionVeggie & Hummus Sandwich A healthy on the go vegetarian sandwich 13 g Protein 14 g Fat 39 g Carbohydrates 325 kcal Energy 03. OptionZucchini-Chickpea Veggie Burgers and Tahini Ranch Sauce A vegan burger with zucchini and chickpea patties and savoury Tahini ranch sauce 13 g Protein 14 g Fat 48 g Carbohydrates 373 kcal EnergyTuesday 01. OptionSalmon Cakes and Spinach Increase your omega-3 intake with this meal 34 g Protein 13 g Fat 25 g Carbohydrates 350 kcal Energy 02. OptionMuesli with Mixed Berries Enjoy a mixture of rye flakes with various dried fruits, nuts, seed and fresh berries 13 g Protein 6 g Fat 51 g Carbohydrates 287 kcal Energy 03. OptionChicken Lettuce Wraps with Peanut Sauce Crunchy chicken lettuce wrap with peanut sauce 34 g Protein 26 g Fat 43 g Carbohydrates 521 kcal EnergyWednesday 01. OptionSteamed Chicken with Broccoli and Carrots Steamed chicken with steamed broccoli and carrots drizzeled with lemon juice 27 g Protein 8 g Fat 53 g Carbohydrates 523 kcal Energy 02. OptionMediterranean Ravioli with Artichokes & Olives Packed meditteranean ravioli with artichokes and olives 15 g Protein 19 g Fat 60 g Carbohydrates 454 kcal Energy 03. OptionSweet Potato Curry Savory coconut milk curry with sweet potato and a quarter bowl of brown rice 12 g Protein 19 g Fat 37 g Carbohydrates 345 kcal EnergyThursday 01. OptionEggs with Pepper and Avocado Salsa Eggs cooked inside peppers topped with avocado salsa 15 g Protein 19 g Fat 14 g Carbohydrates 285 kcal Energy [...]
October 12, 2019

Muscle Gain Menu

3000-3500 kcal per day Muscle building requires a lot of calorie intake. To gain weight you must eat more calories than you burn. But if you eat too much, the calories will start its fat-storing process. The focus is to eat just enough to build muscle. Subscribe to our meal plan to plan for your meal perfect for body building 54.99$/week Order now MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayMonday 01. OptionRaisin bagels, Egg Whites with Mixed Fruits 10 egg whites with raisin bagels, orange juice and one cup of mixed fruits 58 g Protein 7 g Fat 93 g Carbohydrates 669 kcal Energy 02. OptionChicken Breast with Potato Roasted chicken breast with sweet potato 56 g Protein 3 g Fat 37 g Carbohydrates 409 kcal Energy 03. OptionPasta with turkey breast Creamy pasta with tender turkey breasts and a whole-grain roll. 78 g Protein 4 g Fat 177 g Carbohydrates 1096 kcal EnergyTuesday 01. OptionGrilled Ground Beef with Feta Cheese Grilled lean ground beef with feta cheese, 2 slices of pita bread and an apple 59 g Protein 13 g Fat 57 g Carbohydrates 593 kcal Energy 02. OptionToast with White Eggs and Blueberry Jam Delicious toast with white eggs and low-sugar blueberry jam 56 g Protein 3 g Fat 37 g Carbohydrates 409 kcal Energy 03. OptionRoast Turkey Breast with Brown Rice and Mixed Vegetables Tasty roast turkey breast with brown rice and spicy mixed vegetables 75 g Protein 4 g Fat 70 g Carbohydrates 734 kcal EnergyWednesday 01. OptionGrilled Chicken Breast with Salads Grilled chicken breast with green salad drizzeld in lime juice, fat-free dressings and bread crumbs 59 g Protein 13 g Fat 27 g Carbohydrates 302 kcal Energy 02. OptionPoached Salmon Fillets with Herbs Poached salmon fillet cooked with herbs drizzled in lemon juice and orange juice 57 g Protein 6 g Fat 51 g Carbohydrates 534 kcal Energy 03. OptionProtein Pancakes with Blueberries and Bacon Fluffy protein pancakes covered in blueberries with crispy bacon 49 g Protein 32 g Fat 49 g Carbohydrates 675 kcal EnergyThursday 01. OptionPaleo Avocado Tuna Salad with Cauliflower and Tahini Tasty paleo avocado tuna salad [...]
October 12, 2019

Balanced Menu

1500-2000 kcal per day Eating a balanced meal is important in order to stay healthy and fit. A balanced meal calorie intake should be divided into 3 sections, 400 for breakfast, 700 for lunch and 500 for dinner. Subscribe to our services to set your own healthy balanced meals. 45.99$/week Order now MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayMonday 01. OptionPoached Eggs with Toast and Grapefruit Poach eggs with whole-grain toast, a grapefuit and a glass of low-fat milk 27 g Protein 20 g Fat 63 g Carbohydrates 555 kcal Energy 02. OptionBaked Chicken Breast with Mixed Salad Baked chicken breast with garden salad, tomatoes, red onions, croutons, mixed with oil and vinegar 44 g Protein 9 g Fat 37 g Carbohydrates 425 kcal Energy 03. OptionCarrot Slices and Hummus Wrap and Herbal Tea Carrot slices and hummus wrapped in pita bread with herbal tea 5 g Protein 5 g Fat 25 g Carbohydrates 157 kcal EnergyTuesday 01. OptionSteamed Halibut and Broccoli with Garden Salad Savory steamed halibut and broccoli with one bowl of brown rice and small garden salad with oil and vinegar dressing 42 g Protein 8 g Fat 77 g Carbohydrates 646 kcal Energy 02. OptionEnglish Muffin with Peanut Butter Delicious English muffin with two tablespoons of peanut butter with an orange and a tall glass of low-fat milk 27 g Protein 18 g Fat 69 g Carbohydrates 521 kcal Energy 03. OptionSirloin Steak with Mashed Potatoes, Spinach and Green Beans Medium rare sirloin steak with creamy mashed potatoes and baked green beans and spinach 44 g Protein 18 g Fat 63 g Carbohydrates 671 kcal EnergyWednesday 01. OptionTurkey Sandwich with Vegetable Soup Turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, roast turkey and mustard with no msg vegetable soup 59 g Protein 6 g Fat 37 g Carbohydrates 437 kcal Energy 02. OptionBran Muffin with Turkey Breakfast Sausages and Orange Healthy bran muffin with turkey breakfast sausage, oranges and a cup of coffee/tea 26 g Protein 15 g Fat 84 g Carbohydrates 543 kcal Energy 03. OptionChicken Noodle Soup Delicious chicken nood soup with an apple 8 g Protein 17 g [...]
October 12, 2019

Vegetarian Menu

290-450 kcal per day Our vegetarian menu uses fresh and natural ingredients to create healthy and delicious meals.  40.00$/week Order now MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayMonday 01. OptionGluten Free Pasta Gluten free stir fry pasta with fragrant olive oil and mushrooms 16 g Protein 14 g Fat 49 g Carbohydrates 397 kcal Energy 02. OptionTofu Steak with Barley Rice Grilled tofu steak with sweet barley rice with grilled veggies 12 g Protein 16 g Fat 49 g Carbohydrates 512 kcal Energy 03. OptionDouble Bean Soup Soup with a mixture of soy beans and red beans with flavorful toppings 11 g Protein 17 g Fat 58 g Carbohydrates 417 kcal EnergyTuesday 01. OptionGluten Free Pizza Pizza with toppings of fresh broccoli, red peppers and roasted garlic 15 g Protein 15 g Fat 12 g Carbohydrates 222 kcal Energy 02. OptionSpaghetti Squash with Mushroom Bolognese Spaghetti made from squash with mushroom bolognese 18 g Protein 15 g Fat 46 g Carbohydrates 374 kcal Energy 03. OptionCrunchy Tacos with Tofu Crunchy tacos served with tofu and assorted veggies 13 g Protein 18g Fat 45 g Carbohydrates 397 kcal EnergyWednesday 01. OptionSweet potato Quiche with Spinach Quiche made from sweet potato topped with spinach 13 g Protein 7 g Fat 18 g Carbohydrates 203 kcal Energy 02. OptionPenne with Fresh Herbs and Grilled Tomato Penne served with fresh herbs with grilled tomatoes drizzled wit olive oil 13 g Protein 13 g Fat 53 g Carbohydrates 381 kcal Energy 03. OptionEggs in Rich Tomato Sauce Sunny side up eggs baked under rich creamy tomato sauce 18 g Protein 13 g Fat 23 g Carbohydrates 286 kcal EnergyThursday 01. OptionHummus Wraps with Grilled Veggies Soft tender wraps stuffed with creamy hummus and grilled veggies 22 g Protein 16 g Fat 35 g Carbohydrates 356 kcal Energy 02. OptionButternut Curry with Cauliflower and Coconut Creamy thick butternut curry with cauliflower and coconut 12 g Protein 14 g Fat 48 g Carbohydrates 358 kcal Energy 03. OptionBeans and Veggies Bowl with Fried Egg Colorful bowl of fresh beans and veggies with crispy crunchy egg 15 g Protein 10 g Fat 33 g [...]
October 11, 2019
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