7 Common Texas Hold’em Leaks, and How to Fix Them

7 Common Texas Hold’em Leaks, and How to Fix Them

7 Common Texas Hold’em Leaks, and How to Fix Them

What are leaks?

A leak, in relation to poker, is a manner of playing that makes a player lose money. What are those mistakes you are repeatedly committing when playing at the tables or even at the best online casino malaysia? Below are the most common Texas hold’em poker leaks.

1. Bluffing Too Much

What if you still haven’t caught any good cards? You don’t know how much hands are heading to the showdown? At some point, you will try to be super aggressive, just like the professionals. This will put you in big trouble. Bluffing will only work if there is a possibility that the other players will fold.

7 Common Texas Hold’em Leaks, and How to Fix Them2. Overplaying the Pocket Pairs When There Are Flop Overcards

Even with rainbow flops, where the cards are there in different suits, you will be at a disadvantage. Also, you need to improve your pair, or else, it wouldn’t win.

3. Refusal to Slow Down on the Turn and/or the River

The change of bet sizes in the first and second rounds is a big factor in your play. Keep in mind that putting bets on the turn and/or the river is a good idea, only if you have the most effective hand.

4. Ignoring Position

If you want to improve in Texas hold’em, you need to understand position deep enough. Playing your position, and understanding position is a crucial aspect of the game.

5. Slow-Playing the Premium Hands Preflop

Don’t slow-play the kings and aces from the limit games’ earliest positions. That is a big leak, and losing play.

6. Giving Up Easily Preflop

The only thing you must worry about at a certain level are not re-raising and limping, even if you have a good hand. If one of the players’ re-raise, then it’s time for you to fold. Don’t give up easily. You should know better.

7 Common Texas Hold’em Leaks, and How to Fix Them

7. Getting Discouraged and Bored

Gambling is brings about unpredictable situations, so you should be patient. Try your best not to feel bored, discouraged and frustrated. One game at a time–patience comes from many hours spend at the tables.


Remember, in Texas hold’em, it’s easier to avoid mistakes, than play smart. You won’t get lucky on a regular basis.

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