What can we learn from super affiliates? Well, super affiliate marketers, as they are called, are people who focus their time and effort into specific things. They do not like to experiment and dabble on things that do not provide them with any success.
Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative endeavor, but only if you are following a set strategy that works.
One of the best ways for you to generate a lot of money is to focus on finding the right affiliate programs. But, this alone can take a huge chunk of your time since you are going to find them on your own.
Fortunately for you, I will give you some of the best less popular affiliate programs that you definitely should know about.


PROOF is a Software-as-a-Service affiliate program that takes social proof to the next level. You see, social proof is something that is quite important in this day and age mainly because it can tell people to stay away from a certain product or continue to make the purchase.
This company just makes it so that it is easy for people to opt-in with the power of social proof, of course. Now, how can you take part in their program?
Well, signing up is actually easy but keep in mind that because this is a SaaS, you will need to pay some money after the trial period expires.
Still, this is an appealing affiliate program mainly because it has the potential for allowing you to earn high recurring monthly commissions.


You’ve probably heard of Bluehost before, especially if you are running a WordPress website. They offer web hosting solutions for people who want to create their own websites but you might only think of them as such. Well, they do provide affiliate programs for people who want to earn some bucks.
The company’s affiliate program is really good because you can get commissions on every referral. You get an additional bonus if the person signs up and doesn’t opt out after a couple of days. And the best part? If you have any problems, you can easily talk with their affiliate managers.


Anyone who knows something about SEO will know what SEMRush is. They provide amazing SEO and marketing tools to help you increase your page rank.
That being said, their affiliate program makes use of the first cookie attribution model which just means that should a person sign up to their program, opts out, and would decide to come back, you will still earn a commission regardless.

Ninja Outreach

This is a brand that focuses on reaching out to influencers for marketing purposes. Every referral would entitle you to receive up to 50% commissions which is something really nice since it is also recurring every month.


Hubspot is another household name for marketers as it provides automation tools that can give marketers a really good time.
Despite the fact that Hubspot gains more than 5 million hits in organic traffic a month, they still provide affiliate programs to people that want to become their own marketers.
They provide high-ticket products and backend products that will help you generate a lot of income which is pretty nice.


The last one on the list is no slouch at all. Etoro is actually the world’s leading social investment network. People can invest in currencies, stocks, and commodities and this platform help them with all of that.
The reason why I recommend this affiliate program is due to the niche’s popularity. The finance sector is always going to be popular no matter the day and age so if you want a more sustainable program that can help bring you a fortune; this is the one to get.


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