5 Helpful Tips For Using Social Media Hashtags

5 Helpful Tips For Using Social Media Hashtags

There’s A Right And Wrong Way To Use Them

A hashtag is simply a keyword or a phrase that is preceded by the hash mark or the pound sign (#). This is mainly used to categorize your posts and put it in a particular segment so that it can be discovered more readily if a person searches the various social platforms using a certain hashtag.

That being said, as an entrepreneur, every post that you create from here on out should contain hashtags so that you will get far better results than uploading one without them. So today, I am going to give you some helpful tips for using such things.


  1. Know Their Benefits

For you to truly implement hashtags in your posts the right way, you have to know what they do. They help you reach a much broader audience simply because it makes your posts easily discoverable. Sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest allows you to incorporate hashtags so that your posts will be shown when conducting a hashtag search.

Furthermore, any hashtag that is put on your post will turn into a link that, when clicked, will direct users to sort of a hashtag feed that gives them every post that contains that particular hashtag.


  1. Treat It as a Social Gathering

The beauty of hashtags is that you can find certain communities or groups just by using that particular thing as a search query and it’s also pretty useful for social media marketing.

For instance, if you’re going to use a keyword such as #fortnitegamers, when clicked, you will be shown a number of groups that use that hashtag as well. Who knows, you might end up meeting a lot of great people by doing just that.


  1. Use It as a Social Listening Tool

Hashtags can also help you find conversations about your products and services and similar offerings in the industry. Social listening, for those of you who do not know, is an important thing to do because it helps any business improve simply by listening to what the people have to say about a particular brand, industry, or service, whereby you can do social advertisements to reach the target market.


  1. Reinforce Your Brand

As I’ve mentioned earlier, hashtags are simply keywords or phrases that are preceded by a pound sign. You can pretty much use any keyword you can think of and you can add as many as you like. But, you should always include a hashtag that includes your complete company name so that you can have better brand exposure. Social media for business is a great thing to leverage.


  1. Improve Event Engagement

Hashtags are certainly handy things to use when you host an event or a contest. For instance, if you’re organizing a rock concert this summer, you can use an appropriate hashtag that will help promote the event to as many people in your community as possible.

By using an event-specific hashtag, people can just use that to find out about certain groups or communities who will be going to that event.

Furthermore, when utilizing such a thing, you will get some insights as to how you can improve your event, given that people are most likely going to be talking about the upcoming affair.



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