5 Best Food Web Designs that Are Too Good to Pass Up

5 Best Food Web Designs that Are Too Good to Pass Up

Food websites are always great because they always showcase some amazing foods and recipes. However, not all food websites are enticing in the sense that people would want to stick around for a while. That is because only some websites adhere to the standards that people want when it comes to looking at foods or recipes.

That being said, what are the things that will make any food website stand out above the rest? Here are some best food website designs that are too good to pass up:


  • Start with Enticing Photography

A food website should always highlight, well, food. In order for people to want to spend their precious time on your site, you have to first show to them that you are capable of delivering high-quality images.

Fortunately, even your smartphone’s camera should be good enough (provided that it is bought in 2017 or later).

When you take a photo of the food, make sure that it is presented in a good way. You can also put the food in an elegant dish and perhaps adding some cutlery on the side of it would add to the appeal.


  • Colors Matter

Color can make or break your food photography. That is why you have to make it a point that the colors match the actual food.

If the food that you feature on your website is colorful, use a background color that will not take the action away from the photo itself. Use something subtle and complementing.

The reverse is true for typography. You want the letting to be darker or lighter depending on whether you’re using a lighter or darker background, respectively.


  • Impeccable Typography

Although the actual picture and the accompanying background color are two important things, your website’s typography is also as important as them.

Remember the theme: complimentary. It has to go well with the previous two points. Perhaps you can draw inspiration from restaurant menus and the fonts that typical food joints use. This is where the employment of a professional web design agency goes a long way, they can help you with the exact strategy you want to take.


  • Delicious Content

A food website should not only contain yummy pictures, but it must also contain delicious content as well.

For instance, if you’re offering some recipes to your site visitors, you must make sure that you use a relevant photo and make sure that you lay out the recipe in a way that makes it easy to read.

Keep it light, fun, and creative. You can catch the attention of your visitors by providing relevant pictures or even some video clips as well.


  • Scrumptious Interface

A good website always has a good user interface. It should not only be intuitive but it also has to be easily navigable as well.

That being said, aside from incorporating complimentary elements, make it a point that you design your website in a way that provides the best experience to the site visitor.



A good food website should not only contain a lot of media content that highlights food, but it also must have good website design as well.

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