4 Skills That You Will Need to Land a Web Developer Job in 2018

4 Skills That You Will Need to Land a Web Developer Job in 2018

4 Skills That You Will Need to Land a Web Developer Job in 2018

2018 Skills For Web Developer

The internet is a vast resource and there is most certainly a website that gives you the information and tips that you need for any field or endeavor.

You might search the internet for any advice on how you can land that web developer job that you’ve always wanted. However, you might be hard-pressed to find any suitable information since some knowledge bases provide a lot of fluff and don’t really have some meat to it.

Luckily for you, I happen to have some tips and I have a no nonsense approach when it comes in giving some sound advice. Read on to find out the skills that you need help when you land the web developer job.

1. Suitable Design Skills

Even though design mockups are part of a web designer’s job description, a good web developer should also know some design principles so that they can better write code for its implementation. Some of the design skills that you will need are:

4 Skills That You Will Need to Land a Web Developer Job in 2018

  • Responsive Design- This is a design language that focuses on creating a mobile-friendly website.
  • Design Paradigms- They are design perspectives that help amplify the user experience. An example of this would be Google’s Material Design.
  • User-Interface and Usability- When creating a website, always put your end users in mind.

2. Front-end Web Development Skills

Under this umbrella, you will need to learn more about the following:

  • HTML/CSS- Pretty much handles the basics of a website. If you’re going to learn how to create code for web development, you have to learn and understand these first.
  • Javascript/jQuery- Javascript is a vast web of information that should be a part of a web developer’s repertoire. Whereas the previous two languages are concerned about the foundation and the design of a website, respectively, Javascript handles all of the behavior and interactions within the page. jQuery  used just one of the many Javascript frameworks available, so you should be familiar with its usage.
  • Google’s Web Developer Tools- Do you know the reason why a lot of developers are using Google Chrome? That is because some of web developer tools can help you in using a Javascript console and track live websites as they come. You can also monitor any changes to the site in real time.

3. Basics of Back-End Web Development

Although this is not entirely part of your job description, it is still vital that you know some back-end processes as well. Some of the things that you need to know are:

  • Servers- These are basically what allows your website to communicate with the internet. Therefore, knowing how it works is vital to know as a developer.
  • API- Known as Application Program Interfaces, this is just pertaining to how the front-end part of your website interacts with the back-end processes.
  • SQL- This pertains to the database that stores your website’s information.

4. Communication

4 Skills That You Will Need to Land a Web Developer Job in 2018Even though there is a lot of things to learn when it comes to the coding and the different processes that a web developer job entails, part of being a good one is to actually learn some soft skills. And, one of the most important soft skills that you need to learn is communication. You will need to be able to confer with your employers and even to the different members of your team so that you can work with them harmoniously.

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